What the Media says about Gecko Press

'One message shines from the Gecko list: children deserve quality.'
Your Weekend, Dominion Post

'Children's publishing in New Zealand has been crying out for this standard of craftsmanship for some time. '
Catriona Ferguson, Sunday Star-Times

'Inspirational publishing ... their current list is adventurous and dynamic.'
Sunday Star-Times

'Speak to any bookseller, librarian or publisher about a Gecko book and they’ll rave about production values. “The books give the impression of ‘here is something to treasure’, even before the book is read,” says Barbara Larson of Longacre Press.'
Nicky Chapman, Idealog.
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'There is a robust nature to the books [Gecko Press] has published, a strength, a quirkiness, and a depth that we have lacked ... We have customers who seek out Gecko books ahead of any others.'
'A world-class boutique publisher, who walks-the-talk on production quality.'
John McIntyre, Children's Bookshop and National Radio reviewer

'It's one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas that seem so obvious - in hindsight.'
New Zealand Herald

'[Gecko's] production values are exemplary.[...]They are the most beautiful items, just aesthetically.  The paper stock, especially in Guji-Guji, is exquisite.  The colour, everything about them – the design – it’s just beautiful.  [...] there is a different quality to the story making or the substance of the story making in the European books than there is in antipodean or Anglosaxon ones.  I can’t put my finger on what it is a lot of the time. [...] They seem to deal with sort of the verities in a way that contemporary English speaking literature doesn’t.'

Kate de Goldi Saturday morning with Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand, National

'[Gecko Press's] books, like Ulf Stark's My Friend Percy's Magical Gym Shoes and Can You Whistle, Johanna? as well as Ulf Nilsson's All The Dear Little Animals deal frankly with delicate situations, devoid of sentimentality or sensationalism. The matter-of-fact European sensibility is a welcome and enriching addition to children's literature.'
Discoveries in translation, The Herald on Sunday


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