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Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals

Author: Damien Laverdunt

Illustrator: Hélène Rajcak

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Quote: An excellent combination of mythology, science and history in a book the whole family will enjoy digging into and learning from.
The School Library (NZ Book Council), June 2012
Synopsis: Hundreds of years ago, Earth was home to some strange animals. There was the giant beaver taller than a human; the Sicilian dwarf elephant; the three-metre-tall elephant bird; the giant lemur  nicknamed the tratratratra; the world-famous dodo...

Hunted by humans and weakened by climate change, these animals gradually disappeared. All that remains are footprints and fossils, explorers’ stories and fascinating folk tales—all waiting to be discovered in the pages of this book.
'Best Children's Books for Easter', The Guardian (UK), April 2012
A feast of fact and fiction, this collection of creatures from ar...
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Best Books 2012 (New Zealand Herald), December 2012
As soon I set eyes on it, I wanted this book for the cover art an...
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'Best Books of 2012', Your Weekend, December 2012
This book is ideal for future scientists who don’t know their dod...
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The Australian, December 2012
Chances are you'll both learn something from this educative book.
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The Children’s Bookshop, March 2012
This fascinating journey around the world of extinct animals comb...
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The Telegraph (UK), April 2012
If interesting facts are your thing, then you should adore the go...
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Kitty as a Picture blog, April 2012
It just doesn't get better than this when it comes to educational...
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The School Library (NZ Book Council), June 2012
An excellent combination of mythology, science and history in a b...
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Starred review, Publishers' Weekly (US), July 2012
This splendid, oversize encyclopedic study of extinct animals han...
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Kirkus Reviews (US), August 2012
An appealing combination of fact and fancy...A handsome and usefu...
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Parents in Touch (UK), March 2012
Earth has been home to some quite amazing animals. Some, like the...
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Tomorrow's Schools Today, April 2012
The book not only offers a mine of information but also in itself...
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Hawke's Bay Today, May 2012
The book is tragicomedy (blending tragic events with comedy). The...
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The Guardian (UK), September 2012
A book to keep for years.
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Guest child reviewer, Page & Blackmore Booksellers, May 2012
When I read Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals ... I found o...
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Cosmo (aged 9), Page & Blackmore Booksellers Newsletter, December 2012
This book is full of good illustrations, and all sorts of informa...
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Trevor Agnew in Magpies, May 2012
It is a less interesting world without the Dodo, the Giant beaver...
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The Listener (Arts and Books), March 2012
Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals is a ... handsome record ...
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Around the Bookshops, May 2012
Mixing mythology and scientific facts this really magnificent loo...
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Animals’ Voice, Winter 2012
Earth was once home to some strange animals ... Hunted by humans ...
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Canberra Times, July 2012
Helene Rajcak and Damien Laverdunt have ... used an informative a...
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Bookrapt, July 2012
The well-researched illustrations and text bubbles include a weal...
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Country of origin France
Translator Jen Craddock
Editor     Penelope Todd
Age 8+
Size 80pp, 320mm x 250mm
ISBN 978-1-877467-90-5 Hardback

Published by Gecko Press in March 2012
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What's Not To Love? -

Adele Jackson    Wed Jun 20, 2012

OK so I shamelessly admit that I bought this book for myself. I love gorgeous, approachable non-fiction books and this is one such book. How could I resist? With illustrations that are at once accurate and yet somehow humourous, and with such awesome design that it blows other books right out of the water; this book is one to keep and to share with grandchildren of all ages. The delight is in the detail, with the inclusion of size comparison icons, easily digestible information, and on each facing page - a quirky cartoon about some aspect of the featured extinct animal that kids will adore. What’s not to love?

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