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Piers Fuller, Wairarapa News, 5 November 2008
The danger of growing up on products of Anglo-American culture is...
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Graham Beattie, Beatties Book Blog
Although it is a beautiful day all the animals in the barn are co...
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Rural Weekly, Australia
There is a very unhappy farmyard; many of the residents there are...
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Fielding Herald, 7 October 2008
Heide Stöllinger and Adelheid Dahimène are international award wi...
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Northern News, 8 October 2008
‘Making Friends’ by Austrian author Adelheide Dahimene and illust...
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Tomorrow’s Schools Today, Online Magazine, November 2008
Although it is a beautiful day on the farm, all the animals are b...
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Magpies Magazine, November 2008
To have a friend, you need to be one. The pigeon had the right id...
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The Source
, November 2008
Six farmyard friends are becoming bored with each other and in th...
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Animals' Voice, Summer 2008-2009
The animals in the barn complain about each other. The mouse does...
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Nelson Mail, 7 January 2009
Making Friends is a picture book for young children and early rea...
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Taranaki Daily News, December 2008
It's tough when one is bored, especially when you're an animal an...
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Around the Bookshops, Marigold Enterprises, February 2009
All the farm animals are in a bad mood with each other but when a...
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Story Time Books for Kids, November 2008
From the team who brought us the wonderful Donkeys, writer Adelhe...
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