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North and South Magazine, New Zealand, November 2007
A European classic by Austrian Adelheid Dahimene, Donkeys
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New Zealand Herald on Sunday, October 2007
A love story translated from Austrian about two old donkeys who r...
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Time Out Bookstore, November 2007
This is the perfect gift for any long-term couple.
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Magpies Magazine,, Trevor Agnew, Australia, December 2007
Donkeys is the light-hearted tale of two old donkeys, Je...
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Animals' Voices Magazine, New Zealand, Autumn 2008
Donkeys is a love story about two donkeys, Jenny and Jac...
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Southland Times, 9 August 2008
Donkeys Jack and Jenny are madly in love and have been together f...
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Nelson Mail, November 2007
This is the miniature version of the larger hardback, a popular l...
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Kate De Goldi to Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand
[Donkeys] is now apparently a standard present for 25th...
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Linda Herrick, Books Editor, New Zealand Herald
Donkeys is a charming picture book yarn about an old don...
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Kathy Hunter, Leafsalon
The kids were very intrigued by the idea that you can be with som...
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Nikki Fraser, teacher Karori Normal School, Wellington
I just love it - the translation is wonderful, language is perfec...
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Kate de Goldi to Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand
A glorious picture book .... It’s a children’s book, but I’ve see...
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Talespinner, May 2008
This proved a very popular book when it was first published by Ge...
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Manawatu Standard, 20 September 2008
The illustrations by Heide Stollinger are well done and the style...
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Good Morning TVNZ
A fabulous picture book.
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Anna Craig, student
I bought it for my mother's 50th birthday and she loved it so muc...
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Erin Parkinson via the website
This book looks beautiful on the outside but I couldn't believe w...
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Kids Book Review, October 2013
A heart rending journey about the search for true love when it wa...
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Bridges to Understanding Vol. 5 (US), February 2014
In this simple tale, two stubborn donkeys, Jack and Jenny, have l...
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Great Gift - Wedding, Anniversary... Or For Children -

Haley    Mon Nov 28, 2011

Stunning book - I have purchased this for so many gifts.... and everytime the person receiving it is thrilled.

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