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That's Mine!

Author: Michel Van Zeveren

Illustrator: Michel Van Zeveren

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Quote: This book contains, without any forced didacticism, a powerful lesson about greed, responsibility and regret. Children will laugh so hard they won’t notice learning it.
The New York Times, January 2013
Synopsis: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the little frog finds an egg.
“That’s mine!” he says.
But the snake wants his egg, and so does the eagle, and so does the lizard...But what does the angry elephant want?
The New York Times, January 2013
This book contains, without any forced didacticism, a powerful le...
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The Guardian, March 2013
A clever joke runs through this story of ownership, responsibilit...
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Bookrapt, January 2013
Bold, uncluttered illustrations showcase the animals’ expressions...
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Tomorrow’s Schools Today, March 2013
That’s Mine is a simple story with a couple of twists, an interes...
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School Library Journal (US), March 2013
The illustrations are the best part of this book. Everything is o...
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Publisher’s Weekly (US), January 2013
Van Zeveren, a genial cartoonist with a knack for expressive eyes...
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Magpies, March 2013
Ven Zeveren’s egg story is far and away the best I have seen... i...
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Kirkus Reviews (US), March 2013
A small green frog peeks out from some leaves at a white egg abou...
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North & South, June 2013
In That’s Mine, a frog, snake, eagle, and lizard find that the “f...
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Weekend Press, April 2013
Young readers will enjoy Van Zeverin's lively cartoon illustratio...
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The Children's Bookshop, Term 1 2013
Featuring a great twist at the end ... Its simple, humorous story...
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Tall Short and Tiny Blog, October 2013
This is a delightful story, with a bit of a twist at the end whic...
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Country of origin   Belgium
Age 4+
Size 36pp, 275mm x 195mm
ISBN 978-1-877579-28-8Paperback
  978-1-877579-27-1 Hardback
Published by Gecko Press in February 2013
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