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Anton and the Battle

Author: Ole Konnecke

Illustrator: Ole Konnecke

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Quote: Little boys and their (imaginary) toys make for a very real story of rivalry and friendship...
Kirkus Reviews (US), March 2013
Synopsis: Anton and his friend Luke fight an epic battle to be declared the strongest—but will they be outdone by a puppy?
New York Times, Sunday Book Review, May 2013
This is the third book about Musketeer-hatted Anton (known as Ant...
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Listener, February 2013
Typical boys [who] engage in classic “mine’s bigger than yours” c...
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Bookrapt, January 2013
The boys’ fierce attitude to the duel is both humorous and realis...
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Publishers Weekly (US), January 2013
An on-target picture of the bluster of boyhood.
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Kitty as a Picture blog, February 2013
Here you'll find the true props of boyish play - mallets and bom...
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ABC Local Radio (Qld), June 2013
Much in the vein of Peanuts, it's a beauty for reading aloud with...
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Kirkus Reviews, March 2013
Little boys and their (imaginary) toys make for a very real story...
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Tomorrow’s Schools Today, March 2013
This book is a fantastically humorous story about rivalry, friend...
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Inis – The Children’s Books Ireland Magazine, November 2013
Another charming and well-crafted picturebook...Ole Könnecke illu...
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School Library Journal (US), March 2013
This funny story is a refreshing admission of the way children in...
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Kirkus Reviews, April 2013
This is another winning tale from Könnecke, perfect for very youn...
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Animals Voice, June 2013
Anton and his friend Luke fight an epic battle to be declared the...
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Swings and Roundabouts, June 2013
This is a story that will definitely appeal to all children and e...
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Magpies, July 2013
Despite its simplicity and minimalist presentation, Anton and the...
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Weekend Press, April 2013
The cartoon illustrations use special colours to show the imagina...
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School Librarian Journal, Summer 2013
Imaginations run wild in this battle of wills ... Clever use of l...
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The Children’s Bookshop, Term 1 2013
The stars of Anton Can Do Magic feature in another funny, child-c...
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One Great Book Blog, September 2013
This book is for kids who like to laugh... what makes this book s...
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Monkey Makes Three (NZ), October 2013
This is a book that every little boy should have in their collect...
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Country of origin   Germany
Age 4+
Size 32pp, 245mm x 250mm
ISBN 978-1-877579-25-7 Paperback
  978-1-877579-26-4 Hardback
Translator  Catherine Chidgey
Published by Gecko Press in February 2013