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Stupid Baby

Author: Stephanie Blake

Illustrator: Stephanie Blake

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Quote: I love Stupid Baby for its provocative attitude and for the wonderful, simple, evocative pictures... It’s going to work best if the reader can treat it with real humour and zest, the kids will certainly get it.
John McIntyre on National Radio, October 2012
Synopsis: There’s a new baby in Simon’s house.
“When’s that stupid baby going back to the hospital?” Simon asks his parents.
But the baby is there to stay.
What about all the scary wolves outside the house? The wolves that want to eat Simon up? Will his parents still protect him now they have a stupid baby?
Otago Daily Times, October 2012
One book that’s a hit with my 3-year-old grandson is Stupid Baby ...
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John McIntyre on National Radio, October 2012
I love Stupid Baby for its provocative attitude and for the wonde...
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OHbaby!, Spring 2012
From the author of the delightful Poo Bum, comes more about misch...
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Tomorrow's Schools Today, October 2012
This book is a fun story to read out loud to a preschool or prima...
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Create a Kids' Book (Australia), October 2012
This has bold colours to match the bold sentiment – nothing sugar...
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The Children's Bookshop Newsletter, October 2012
Lovely subversive humour for all ages.
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Around the Bookshops, November 2012
Bright, funny illustrations and a jacket that almost begs you to ...
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Herald on Sunday, October 2012
While this isn’t laugh-out-loud like Poo Bum, this hardback does ...
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Canberra Times (Australia), February 2013
Preschooler Simon ... is worried that, because they have a “stupi...
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Swings + Roundabouts, March 2013
This is a great book for group/individual discussion and will be ...
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Country of origin France
Translator Linda Burgess
Editor     Penelope Todd
Age 3+
Size 36pp, 280mm x 220mm
ISBN 978-1-877579-31-8 Hardback

978-1-877579-32-5 Paperback
Published by Gecko Press in October 2012
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