How to submit a manuscript

What we publish

Gecko Press publishes 12–15 children's books every year. Of these, only three will typically be original to Gecko Press rather than translated. Our selection process is therefore very tight.

We judge by our (subjective of course) criteria of: “Is this curiously good? Do we want to read it hundreds of times? Are we emotionally attached to the characters? Must we publish this book?”
Before submitting, take a look at our books to get a feel for what kinds of books we publish.

What we're looking for

We always like to read picture book texts with energy and originality and a strong story/narrative (not “ideas” stories). Please note we do not publish educational books or didactic books
At the moment we are looking for Junior Fiction – novels for 7 to 12 year olds. We are looking for character-driven work, with a strong plot and voice.
We also consider non-fiction and digital-only ideas.

New submission guidelines (from 1 May 2013)

Due to an increasingly high volume of submissions we have re-assessed our submissions process.

We accept submissions if you are;
a previously published author;  if your work is recommended to us by an agent, manuscript assessor or book industry contact (such as a bookseller or other person known to us whose opinion we trust).

Submission instructions

Please submit your manuscripts typed, double-spaced, with a wide margin. All pages should be numbered. If your manuscript is a novel, please send us the first two or three chapters only. If we want to see more, we will contact you.

At the moment we do not accept emailed submissions. We feel it is too easy to push the "send" button; it ends up in our overfull in-boxes; we don't want to print it out here; and it doesn’t get into our system in the right way. If we want to read more, we will then ask for an electronic version.

Your manuscript should be accompanied by

1. A written proposal explaining what the book is and why it should be published. Include a synopsis if you are submitting a novel.

2. A list of any previous work you have had published and some background information about yourself.

3. If appropriate, samples of illustrations (not originals).

4. Self-addressed pre-paid packaging, if you wish to have your material returned. If you do not include a self-addressed stamped envelope, your manuscript will be destroyed.
Please note that Gecko Press does not carry insurance for submitted manuscripts, so always keep a copy of your work. 

Post manuscripts to:

Gecko Press
PO Box 9335
Marion Square
Wellington 6141
New Zealand

For any enquiries, email Gecko Press

What happens next?

We will post you an acknowledgement within ten days of receiving your submission.

While we do our best to respond within 16 weeks, circumstances may sometimes result in a longer response period.

We do not offer feedback on unsuccessful submissions – this is because our feedback would be by necessity shallow and therefore not helpful. It is better to get proper feedback from someone able to really focus on the text. Here is the link to the
NZAMA (New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors).

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